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Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft
Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft - Full pole horizontal view
Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft - closeup of trident logo
Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft - closeup of ELEMENT logo
Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft - full stick setup with white Rekon head strung
Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft
Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft

Element U-2 Lacrosse Shaft

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Product Description

Tired of breaking shafts? I know every other company claims they have the "Strongest strength-to-weight ratios" Marketing garbage that makes their sticker look prettier to make you buy their metal pipes. Composite design is one of the most complicated material sciences in the world. We have tested over 60 prototypes w/this U-2 alone and it has proven (with scientific data) that it is by far the World's Strongest Lacrosse Shaft. We land planes on carbon fiber! Think about it this way, lacrosse started with woodies, evolving into titanium, evolving into aluminum, and now it is ELEMENTs! Composite handles that are absolutely blowing away the competition. We don't take any shortcuts on designing the best lacrosse gear on the planet. Luckily for you, you get a taste of the future. We balance weight in all of our ELEMENT shafts with more layers of composite to the bottom of the handle. This adds strength for cross-checks and acts as a lever for shots and passes. We designed all of our shorties with the weight of our Rekon head in mind. This offers the best feeling complete setup. If you're looking for something lighter without compromising strength, and more flex, check out the ELEMENT U-1
  • Weight: 215g 30" (30% Lighter than a woody)
  • Flex 2 (Extra Stiff)
  • Light sandpaper grip
P.S. We are in this business to take the best care of our players. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, hit us up, and a real person will take care of you.