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We Strive To Create Lacrosse Equipment
That Brings The Best Version of You.

Wolf Athletics Shafts

Championship Grade Lacrosse Gear

Are you an Elite Player? Then you deserve the BEST.

If you aren't serious about this sport, then you don't need Wolf Athletics.

  • Our equipment is testing boundaries in the marketplace.
  • No retailers so we can give you this insane tech
  • Quick lax educated customer service

P.s. The ELEMENT shafts are a game changer. Soon to be in the hands of tons of All-Americans.

The Best s*** on the Planet

If you are an Elite player you are hurting yourself if anything else is in your bag. 

We manufacture, design, and test the absolute BEST. There is no comparison to what we are doing in regards to lacrosse technology.

  • Countless engineering hours
  • Advanced testing
  • Premium space age materials

Check out our products to see how dominant you can actually be.