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Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs
Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs
Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs
Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs
Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs
Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs

Hex Lacrosse Ball Packs

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Product Description


THIS BALL WILL ADVANCE THE GAME OF LACROSSE. The lacrosse ball market moves major volume and companies have become hyper-focused on texture and "greasers." Wolf Athletics took a fresh look at everything and created the Hex ball, a proper advancement of the ball for the sport of the future.

A lot went into the development process, innovating several different dimple patterns, heavy tooling costs, and over a year and a half's time. We sincerely believe this will bring the sport to another level and can't wait for you to get a taste.

No Gimmick here. The Hex ball throws drastically straighter and will unlock the potential of how accurate you can be.

  • Not Texture, but the lasting grip
  • Utilizes the Magnus Effect for a consistently straighter flight path on long shots and passes
  • Advanced players can shape shots like never before (with accuracy and consistency)
  • Improves safety on high-velocity shots (more visually trackable, helping to avoid freak injuries caused by unpredictable flight path dispersion)
  • Seamless game-play transition between standard lacrosse balls and hex balls.

There is no practice or learning period needed in order to adopt the use of these hex balls. You can play one game with the hex and the next with standard balls without effecting your skillset. All performance factors are exactly the same as a standard lacrosse ball (weight, size/diameter, bounce, compression, etc.), the only difference is increased lasting grip, and tighter/more consistent ball flight.

Lacrosse balls have not changed in a meaningful way for a long time. This technology will make players able to show off their skills unaffected by inconsistent ball flight. Wolf engineers a difference and we are so excited to see players feel the difference in a cleaner and more dynamic playing field. You won't want to play another ball.

Please note, the Hex balls are NOT currently NOCSAE/SEI certified, but this is something we will be working on completing within the next few months! In the meantime, you may use them for practice, backyard play, non-sanctioned club tournaments, club play, and any games not requiring a NOCSAE certification.