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Element U-1 Lacrosse Shaft - Ultra Lightweight

*Dpole length is designed for youth players.

Are you interested in controlled flex, up to 5-7% faster shots, and a balanced setup to show you how dominant you can actually be? Have you ever had a dent in your shaft that throws off your shooting accuracy? Carbon fiber can not dent or bend.

The U-1 is extremely light. If you are an elite player, you are hurting yourself if anything else is in your bag.

  • Weight: 150 g (As light as anything else)
  • Controlled FLEX Kickpoint
  • Flex-8 (High)
  • Light sandpaper grip

P.S. We are in this business to take the best care of our players. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, hit us up, and a real person will take care of you.

Element U-1 Review


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