Element U-1 i Series Shaft - Professional Lightweight

The U-1 i-Series pictured above is among the lightest lacrosse shafts without compromising durability. If you play the game at an elite level, you are hurting yourself if anything else is in your bag.

Last year we launched the ELEMENT line of 3 shafts. This year we took them all to another level of performance and strength through tireless engineering and 100's of prototypes. We went through each structure again and didn't just change graphics but GREATLY INCREASED impact strength through 100's of more prototypes.

  • Weight: 159 g (As light as anything else)
  • Controlled FLEX Profile - With the most defined Kickpoint in Lacrosse
  • Flex-8 (High)
  • Matte grip
  • Vibration-strength control - New single resin system designed for impact absorption

p.s. We are in this business to take the best care of our players. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, hit us up, and a real person will take care of you.

U-1 i-Series Video Review

Color: White

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