Premium Lacrosse Ball - OFFICIAL PLL Game Ball

NOCSAE and SEI Certified - Qualified for all levels of game play.

This is the Official Lacrosse Ball of the Premier Lacrosse League.  Now you can play with the ball the best players on the planet trust!

There is a lot that goes into the production of lacrosse balls. Materials used, quality control, and aging products. You can be assured, these are the highest quality.

This is the ONLY officially certified Optic Yellow Lacrosse ball. There was a lot of research done on Optic Yellow being easier to see for tennis balls on TV.  Find balls easier in the backyard when the they go in the woods.

  • Natural rubber base. 18 different additives.
  • Meets NOCSAE/SEI
  • Safer color - Easier for fans, players, and refs to see!
$11.99 $14.99
Color: Optic Yellow

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