Engineering the Best Lacrosse Shafts

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Strongest Composites


Leading Warranties

Controlled Flex

Flexable Defensive Lacrosse Shaft

Can't Bend

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Engineering and R&D

Wolf has a team of engineers that are experts in material science and design.


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Testing doesn't matter without performance on the field. Once players make the switch, they are hooked.


Bill Obrien professional box lacrosse player


There are a lot of exaggerated claims in this sport. We back up our claims with serious testing. The U-2i is the strongest lacrosse shaft.

3 shafts for 3 different types of players

Wolf has produced over 1000 prototype shafts to date. Balancing weight, strength, profiles, and materials.

Composite Lacrosse Shaft Perfection.

U-2i. World's Strongest

For the Beasts of the Sport. Freakishly Strong!

  • 215g attack, 490g defensive
  • Extremely Stiff
  • Can't Dent or Permanently Bend
  • 1 year warranty

U-1i. Pro Lightweight

For the Shooters looking for faster shots and more wins.

  • 155g Attack, and 350g defensive
  • High Consistent Flex
  • Can't Dent or Permanently Bend
  • 9 month warranty

ELEMENT i. World's Lightest

For players 12 and under. Nothing has been produced this light.

  • 110g attack
  • Mid Consistent Flex
  • Can't Dent or Permanently Bend
  • 3 month warranty

What our customers are saying:


"My son broke 8 shafts last season. Not the U-2"

— John J.


"I have had my stick for 3 years"

— Trent S.